Ribbon Cable Assemblies

JIT stocks a wide variety of flat, round, and shielded ribbon cable and connector systems from Northern Technologies, 3M, Amp, Berg, Spectrastrip and more. Whatever your needs, we specialize in providing Just-In-Time delivery of high quality UL recognized cables at competitive prices.


Flat Ribbon Cable

  • Use of Ribbon Cable Connectors (One Step Termination)
  • No Conductor Stripping
  • Self-Registration of Wires
  • Easy Visual Inspection
  • Wide Selection of Sizes in all Configurations

Flat-Round Cable

The ribbon cable conductors are separated except at defined increments of the cable (i.e. every 10-12"). This allows the flat cable to be made round while still using the "mass termination" ribbon cable connectors.

The cable shown is shielded and the connector covered with a metalized plastic backshell kit from Northern Technologies.


Shielded Ribbon Cable

The adjacent cable is a Belden twisted pair flat ribbon cable with a 100% foil shield. At the connector, the foil shield is folded under a rubber strain relief and makes 360 degree contact inside the metal backshell from Northern Technologies.


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