Molded Cable Assemblies

JIT utilizes the flexible and rapid setup IPC vertical injection molding machines and fast change-over book style molds.  This technology enables JIT to produce small production lots of custom molded cables where lot sizes of 50 to 100 custom cables are not uncommon. 

JIT fabricates all custom molds in-house in our Precision CNC Machine Shop for rapid response and superior quality for your custom molding project.


Shown at left:  (with see-through special effects) A custom 45 degree exit 37 pin Dsub cable with long jack screws.  Inside is a two piece backshell with the cable shield fanned out 360 degrees crimped under the exit ferrule for 100% connector sheilding.  

Both cables shown here were assembled using the AMP Champomator 3A automated IDC insertion machine and tested both with the AMP Champomator and the Cabletest Horizon 1500 after molding.


The assembly on the right is a 9conductor custom wired cable with AMP IDC connectors and a JIT standard exit overmold on one end and a custom "beveled" strain relief overmold on the other end.  The cable is shielded with braid over foil for 100% coverage and the braid is terminated 360 degrees to a one piece metal backshell.

Standard Molds

D-Sub, Centronics, SCSI, and Circular Din

Contacts Mold Descriptions
9 Straight exit / Short (approx. 1.6")
9 90 degree exit - low profile
9 Straight exit
15 Straight exit
15 30 degree exit
15 90 degree exit - low profile
25 Straight exit
25 Straight exit - low profile
25 90 degree exit - low profile
25 30 degree exit
36 Centronics style - straight exit
37 45 degree exit
37 90 degree exit - low profile
50 Centronics style - straight exit
50 Half pitch - SCSI with squeeze clips
3 to 9 Mini circular din - straight exit
3 to 9 Mini circular din - 90 degree exit

Custom Molds

JIT provides turn-key custom mold design and fabrication for your special applications.  From concept to design, to tooling, fabrication, to end product -- we provide turnkey molds in as little as six weeks.

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